2017 has been an interesting year in the field of tech gadgets. From virtual bikes and smart-speakers to indestructible cables and robot vacuums, here is a list of some of 2017’s greatest tech innovations.

Smart Shoes

The Under Armour Gemini 3 graphic RE has a sensor embedded in the sole of each shoe. This phone is a tech fitness product that has a “jump test” feature which helps in determining how hard you should run the next time you are on the terrain.

Lumos Bike Helmet

The Lumos bike helmet has forty-eight LEDs that are beautifully placed on the ventilated bike helmet. At the front are white LEDs, red LEDs are fitted at the back, and amber indicators are positioned to the right and left. The helmet is controlled by a remote located on the bike’s handlebar. The helmet is capable of detecting when you are braking and when you are signaling your direction intentions to car drivers.

Robot vacuum

The Neato Botvac D7 connected is a home genius. Now available on pre-order, this robot vacuum is engineered to be a master of home cleanliness. The D7 has a great app that allows for navigation settings and controls to make it stay its course in the areas that need cleaning and the no-go areas.

Specialised Tarmac SL6 Pro road bike

The cycling industry is innovative; the latest innovation is a specialized cycle that is lightweight and features a great frame for a more pleasant ride. The bike has electronic gear shifting, air slicing aero wheels, and tubeless tires; how interesting can cycling get.

Novelty Snap spectacle

Snapchat has gotten a gaudy wayfarer that allows for adventurous usage for POV video clips shooting for avid Instagram users. The specs are neatly designed, and they work amazingly well.

TP-Link Deco M5 Wifi Mesh Kit

If you are tired of experiencing inconsistent internet usage, you need a wifi mesh system to boost your wifi area with a consistent signal. The setup of this gadget includes three units that need to be placed in three different places in your house. The mesh kit can cover up to 4,500 sq ft of space to maintain consistent distribution if wifi.

Nest Cam IQ security camera

The Nest IQ security camera can detect human faces automatically, sending you alerts on your phone. It also has an infrared night vision, multi-axis rotation and live warning speaker that can turn your home into a haven.