Tech Innovation that Could Be Revolutionary

New technology has been improving our quality of living ever since the wheel was invented. New technology is being adapted to different fields to increase productivity and efficiency. Here are some of the wonderful new technologies to look out for in the near future. Solar Power With pollution on the rise, finding sources of clean […]

How World War I Changed American Food Habits

Even though it was the first time the US got involved in a global conflict overseas, World War I wasn’t really a big deal in the grand scheme of American history.  World War I veteran Ernest Hemingway may have written about the “lost generation” who lived through it, and while America played a large role […]

Seoul South Korea

SparkLabs in Korea

While South Korea is a small country with few (if any) natural resources to speak of, they’ve enthusiastically adapted to the modern technology revolution.  Indeed, there are more cell phones in South Korea than there are people.  This has helped make South Korea one of the leading tech innovators of the 21st century.  However, Korean […]

Amazon warehouse

Amazon Acquiring Whole Foods

In recent years, certain large corporations have taken off, earning unparalleled popularity and power in the modern consumer market.  Many of these companies offer unbelievable convenience packaged in much nicer terms than the powerful corporations of yesteryear; Whole Foods might be a giant chain of supermarkets just like Kroger’s, but its walls are plastered with […]

Laser beams

Lasers Coming Soon

While “laser beams” have long been a trope of both science fiction and Austin Powers movies, they’ve often been lacking in the real world.  However, the US Defense Department has recently made a $17 million investment in high-energy lasers with the potential to destroy enemy drones and mortars, disrupt communication systems, and provide forces on […]

Microchips in Employees

The idea of getting microchips installed into your body is one of those very popular tropes of dystopian science fiction.  Yet as people have been installing them in their dogs for a long time now, at Wisconsin-based Three Square Market, employees are going to get them installed into their hands.  These microchips will allow them […]

Are Video Games Good For You?

Remember when your parents used to say that video games were bad for you and would make your brain rot?  Well, it turns out that they might be wrong.  While the effectiveness of “brain-training” games has been controversial, a growing number of scientists have presented evidence that cognitive-training regimens can significantly improve cognitive function.  And […]

Paint’s Brush With Cancellation

When Microsoft suggested that it would “deprecate” their app Paint and remove it from future versions of Windows, the Internet responded with fury and nostalgia.  However, Microsoft has made it clear that Paint, a mainstay of Windows for 32 years, will be sticking around, but not in the same form.  It will instead be taken […]

4 Ways to Build Your Brand with Social Media

You don’t need anyone to tell you that social media is important to your business. But you may not know how to best use social media to push your platform.

Salesmanship: Where Entrepreneurs Fail

Many fledgling entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming customers will come to them. But even if your product really is the solution to all ills, that still doesn’t mean people will find it without the proper marketing.

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