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Technology and Food Fraud

In the days following the food fraud scandal with horsemeat in Europe, as well as the cases being reported from all over the world, awareness is much higher than before. According to a recent food fraud study released by Dalhousie University, 63% of Canadians are worried about food fraud while 40% believes they may have […]

How Amazon Go is Changing Food Technology

The future of convenient and grocery stores is skyrocketing as the American public watches the first automated, brick and mortar store open on January 22 in Seattle, Washington. The new, excitingly innovative Amazon Go is opening as planned. Certain established retail businesses have attempted to update their stores by creating ultra-modern interiors, but they neglected […]

Tech Innovations Forging New Learning Paths

There’s nothing like losing yourself in an interesting story or the feeling of accomplishment in constructing something that you designed, and the innovative ways that technology is available literally at our very fingertips makes it so much easier. The information found online is often more up to date than anything found in a book, which […]

Budding Technology That is Sure to Change the World

There exist honest-to-goodness technological inventions which can change the world. Right now, artificial intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of attention. For instance, scientists around the globe are working on ways that would facilitate the cure of diseases like epilepsy by implanting AI into human brains. Besides, some believe that we could use similar technology […]

Latest Tech Innovation to Keep Your Eye On

The information age is increasingly getting interesting, work-life balance is tough, keeping up with new developments is a task business are trying to adjust, AND TECHNOLOGY IS NOT TAKING ANY BREAK. Tech startups are increasingly coming up with new technologies to make our lives better, and to increase the productivity of our businesses. Since many […]

Best Gadgets of 2017

2017 has been an interesting year in the field of tech gadgets. From virtual bikes and smart-speakers to indestructible cables and robot vacuums, here is a list of some of 2017’s greatest tech innovations. Smart Shoes The Under Armour Gemini 3 graphic RE has a sensor embedded in the sole of each shoe. This phone […]

Tech Innovation that Could Be Revolutionary

New technology has been improving our quality of living ever since the wheel was invented. New technology is being adapted to different fields to increase productivity and efficiency. Here are some of the wonderful new technologies to look out for in the near future. Solar Power With pollution on the rise, finding sources of clean […]

Breakthrough Technologies

One of the most relevant aspects of the modern world is the breakneck pace of new and improving technologies. In 2017, the ceaseless technological innovations and improvements – including in medicine, education, entertainment and business – that most people have become accustomed to continue to make a huge and mostly positive impact on people’s lives. […]

How World War I Changed American Food Habits

Even though it was the first time the US got involved in a global conflict overseas, World War I wasn’t really a big deal in the grand scheme of American history.  World War I veteran Ernest Hemingway may have written about the “lost generation” who lived through it, and while America played a large role […]

Seoul South Korea

SparkLabs in Korea

While South Korea is a small country with few (if any) natural resources to speak of, they’ve enthusiastically adapted to the modern technology revolution.  Indeed, there are more cell phones in South Korea than there are people.  This has helped make South Korea one of the leading tech innovators of the 21st century.  However, Korean […]

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