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Microchips in Employees

The idea of getting microchips installed into your body is one of those very popular tropes of dystopian science fiction.  Yet as people have been installing them in their dogs for a long time now, at Wisconsin-based Three Square Market, employees are going to get them installed into their hands.  These microchips will allow them […]

Are Video Games Good For You?

Remember when your parents used to say that video games were bad for you and would make your brain rot?  Well, it turns out that they might be wrong.  While the effectiveness of “brain-training” games has been controversial, a growing number of scientists have presented evidence that cognitive-training regimens can significantly improve cognitive function.  And […]

Paint’s Brush With Cancellation

When Microsoft suggested that it would “deprecate” their app Paint and remove it from future versions of Windows, the Internet responded with fury and nostalgia.  However, Microsoft has made it clear that Paint, a mainstay of Windows for 32 years, will be sticking around, but not in the same form.  It will instead be taken […]

4 Ways to Build Your Brand with Social Media

You don’t need anyone to tell you that social media is important to your business. But you may not know how to best use social media to push your platform.

Salesmanship: Where Entrepreneurs Fail

Many fledgling entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming customers will come to them. But even if your product really is the solution to all ills, that still doesn’t mean people will find it without the proper marketing.

What the Cable Loft Teaches us About Good Business Ideas

Kikkerland, a Dutch design company, hosts an annual Design Challenge, in which students compete to create a product to be sold. Although Kikkerland has a reputation for whimsy, with past products including maraca-shaped cocktail shakers and a barbecue grill that collapses into a suitcase, this year’s winner is surprisingly utilitarian. The Cable Loft is a […]

How to Stay Healthy as a CEO

As CEO, your top priority is likely the health and well-being of your company, as opposed to your own. It is hard to imagine someone faulting you for your dedication; after all, you are working for the benefit of both employees and clients alike. However, many CEOs often forget that their personal health is a […]


The Psychology of Unmanned Cars

Unmanned cars are not just the future of car technology, they are currently being made and operated in the present. In Pittsburgh, Uber released a fleet of self-driving cars in summer of 2016 that have already made their way to the streets. These cars may have the ability to drive by themselves, but there is […]

Top Podcasts for Business-Minded Professionals

Podcasts have become increasingly popular in the era of Bluetooth and smartphones. The Cloud is making it easier to connect devices than ever before and people are tapping into this technology revolution. Many cars now have Bluetooth and can easily connect to your phone or computer. With this easy access to the internet, you can […]


Robots are Helping in the Fight Against Climate Change

Most people are aware of the large amounts of waste humans, especially those living in developed countries, produce each year. In the U.S., there are thousands of landfills, many of which secrete damaging methane gas that goes out into the environment and harms the atmosphere. Last year, 50 billion plastic water bottles were used in […]

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