There exist honest-to-goodness technological inventions which can change the world. Right now, artificial intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of attention. For instance, scientists around the globe are working on ways that would facilitate the cure of diseases like epilepsy by implanting AI into human brains. Besides, some believe that we could use similar technology to upload and download information into the brain.

Over time to time technology has revolutionized various aspects of life. A look at the budding technology that is sure to change the world include but not limited to the following;

Autonomous vehicles
These days, it is nearly a cliché to add self-driving cars to a list of tech inventions that are likely to change the world. In fact, driverless car technology is available in the market and has come with a high potential to transform the world.

The Autonomous vehicles are gaining significant importance than just having a new way to travel around. The cars comprise of sensors, artificial intelligence as well as supercomputers that gives them superior driving abilities. Also, the vehicles will be less prone to accidents than those driven by humans, and they are estimated to save about 300, 000 lives per decade, within the United States of America.

Augmented reality for surgeries.

With the release of the favorite Pokemon GO game last year, Augmented reality (AR) began receiving a lot of attention. However, the real potential contained in this tech system that relays information from a computer onto one’s real life is now getting into the light.

The AR glasses used by surgeons are already being tested to give better visibility to the human body and improve their proficiency. Furthermore, Augmented reality headsets enable surgeons to obtain a detailed view of the inner parts of a patient’s body by creating a kind of X-ray vision for the doctor.

Worldwide Satellite internet

Apart from its determined plan to send people to Mars, Elon Musk’s SpaceX released an ambitious program a few months ago that revealed how the firm intends to deploy a fleet of about 4,400 satellites which would offer internet connectivity to the whole world.

With the satellite internet connection to every part of the globe, it would mark a new era and a significant endeavor that is estimated to cost about $6 billion. The company would provide communication services for commercial, residential, governmental, institutional and professional users around the world. They will start launching in 2019, and everything would come online by 2024.