Companies always seem to be looking for more people with innovative skills. As it turns out, one of the best places to start with finding innovative personalities to work with is by looking from within your company and creating the innovative culture with the people you are surrounded by. Many people have wonderfully innovative ideas but could use a little help when it comes to voicing their opinions or refining their ideas. Here is how you can foster a more innovative culture within the workplace.

Make sure they are working the right job

There might not be anything “wrong” with an employee, they may simply be misplaced. One of the keys to creating innovative culture is by placing people in positions in which their creativity can thrive. Sometimes this means that a change of position is in order.

Make sure your employees feel safe

Just because innovative ideas are not being expressed, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If employees don’t feel comfortable sharing their ideas because they are afraid of getting in trouble or losing their job, they won’t share anything. Make sure your employees feel like their ideas are valued, they won’t be judged for them, and that their jobs aren’t going anywhere.

Diversity in the workplace

Diversity is important as it is what facilitates the most growth within a company. Hiring people according to a specific type will only hinder it as people with the same backgrounds and personality types are more likely to have similar ways of thinking. To avoid stagnation, look for people that add different perspectives to your team. This takes a strong management team to ensure the challenging of ideas is handled maturely but when that is of no issue, you’d be surprised at how many ideas and co-creation can come out of a room full of different people.

Emphasize teamwork

Working on overcoming obstacles and executing ideas successfully as a team creates a communal bond between coworkers. This will create a desire for genuinely helping one another reach their goals. There shouldn’t be one superstar spouting off a million ideas while the rest takes notes- everyone has something to unique to contribute to the making of ideas that can be groundbreaking for a company.

Incorporate these tips into your management technique and watch as your company transforms from the inside out!