As new technological advancements continue to emerge in 2018, the fitness industry will be impacted. At recent electronic shows throughout the country, innovative products such as smart watches and AI driven headphones were highlighted. All of these new fitness products share a common goal; to enhance the quality of your workouts. Here is a look at the most exciting fitness products coming out in the near future.

Suunto 3 Smartwatch

The Suunto 3 smartwatch is known for allowing users to create a training plan that is tailored to their needs. The Suunto smartwatch creates a workout plan for you based on your fitness level. You will be in control of the length and difficulty of your workouts. The Sunnto 3 also has a heart rate monitor to give you valuable information about your heart rate zones. The Suunto 3 also has a sleep track feature that assists you during your recovery time.

Peloton Treadmill

The Peloton Treadmill has a large screen that you can use to watch different fitness classes. While the majority of fitness classes are centered around running and walking, Peloton also offers users total body exercise classes which center around circuit and boot camp style workouts. Classes are also available to help you build up your strength.

Soul Electronics Run Free Headphones

Soul Electronics collaborated with Beflex Inc. to create headphones that offer unique analysis during your training to help you improve your overall performance. The headphones combine with the app to help measure your speed, distance, step length, and how often your body bounces up and down. The app also measures your balance in real time. As you run, an AI coach will let you know what you need to improve as you listen to the message in your headphones.

Black Box VR

The Black Box acts as a virtual reality gym. Every session offers a complete body workout in a setting that many users have said makes them feel like they are competing in a video game.

Under Armour Equipped Shoes

With the release of the shoe, Under Armour will debut its HOVR technology. Users will experience enhanced support and shock absorption to help stabilize the knees and ankles. Under Armour is also promoting an increase in energy return, which will give users more power as they run. The shoes are also compatible with the app MapMyRun, which gives users detailed information about their time, distance, and cadence.