The information age is increasingly getting interesting, work-life balance is tough, keeping up with new developments is a task business are trying to adjust, AND TECHNOLOGY IS NOT TAKING ANY BREAK. Tech startups are increasingly coming up with new technologies to make our lives better, and to increase the productivity of our businesses. Since many technologies are developed each day, we are going to list the latest tech innovations you should look out for.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has become an integral part of different businesses disciplines. At first, VR was thought of as an entertainment space, but its practical applications have diverged into healthcare, marketing, the military and other fields. The development in VR is increasing, and we can’t wait to see whats next in VR.

Solid State Batteries

The solid-state batteries are still in the development and testing stage. Even though they are yet to hit the commercial market, they have several advantages that are worth the fuss. One interesting advantage it has is its resistance to damage, cutting or getting punctured, compared to the common lithium-ion based batteries which can explode.

Facial recognition payments

E-payments have taken center stage when it comes to cash replacements. Paypal and other platforms of e-payment have a new competitor on the horizon, which is secure and safe for commercial transactions, facial recognition payments. The e-commerce industry is about to give birth to its new tech innovation that will evolve the payments systems for a long time.

Tunnel system engineered by Elon Musk’s Tesla Company

Elon Musk has showcased in different shows, his latest project which is a tunnel system under Los Angeles. In this model, a car can be transported to LAX from Westwood in less than six minutes. Speed restrictions are not going to be applied in these tunes, providing a travel speed of 200 km per hour for vehicles.

Healthcare AIs

The growing field of AI promises cutting edge technology in many fields like Healthcare. In healthcare, AI can predict cancers, heart diseases with precision compared to human doctors. AI models can also be used to identify risks in the human body for early prognosis and treatment. This is a great step in saving lives and making us live healthily.

360-degree selfies

The smartphone camera has taken the world by storm to the point of creation of multibillion-dollar companies like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. The selfie camera, in particular, is taking a new shift into the 360 degrees dimension. 360 cameras are becoming cheaper and available to many; we expect new content to be created by the 360 cameras for pictures and videos.