When Microsoft suggested that it would “deprecate” their app Paint and remove it from future versions of Windows, the Internet responded with fury and nostalgia.  However, Microsoft has made it clear that Paint, a mainstay of Windows for 32 years, will be sticking around, but not in the same form.  It will instead be taken out of the operating system and put in the app store, then be partially replaced by a new app called Paint 3D.  To use Paint, users will have to go into the Windows app store and download it for free.  

The outpour of nostalgia around Paint potentially getting removed was pretty amazing.  The announcement that Microsoft would not be getting rid of Paint was seen as a way of “setting the record straight”.  However, it isn’t clear if that’s actually the case, or if Microsoft was simply trying to deflect the digital ire of potentially shutting down Paint.  Windows users might want to use Paint 3D, which comes bundled with the Creators Update to Windows 10.  This offers many of Paint’s old features, as well as new ones that will be added on in time.  In addition to these new 3D capabilities, many of the features that have earned Paint fame over the years will be added in as well.  

I can’t help but wonder if this was actually a marketing ploy.  Microsoft Pain was fun, but at the same time, there’s not much that you could do with it, and most things made on Microsoft Paint looked pretty crude.  However, it’s something that a lot of people who are now at the age to buy their own computers grew up using, and while most of them probably hadn’t used it in years, now that they know that it was really close to being shut down, they’re going to be more likely to use and download the new Paint app.