New technology has been improving our quality of living ever since the wheel was invented. New technology is being adapted to different fields to increase productivity and efficiency. Here are some of the wonderful new technologies to look out for in the near future.

Solar Power

With pollution on the rise, finding sources of clean energy is becoming more and more efficient. Over the last couple of years, people have found that solar power is a popular option for clean energy that will greatly increase in new residential construction and renovations over the next couple of years. Solar power can decrease power bills and increase the value of a home. Businesses with an interest in clean power are making the change to the office as well.

Super Secure Smart Phones

How many times have you seen compromising pictures of celebrities leaked online or to the tabloids because they got hacked? Don’t let this happen to you! Security concerns are growing, and phone companies know that. That’s why there’s a new phone in development called the Blackphone. Blackphone uses the technology created by the company Silent Circle to encrypt conversations, texts, downloads, and a number of other items on your phone to protect them from hackers.

Agricultural Drones

Have you seen those cool robots flying around in the air? Those are drones. Drones are small, flying robots that typically have a camera. These drones have been used for recreation and for military purposes, and now they are being used for agricultural purposes. Drones are now being utilized to provide aerial images of fields to help farmers produce the best crops possible. They can use to drones to spot problem areas in their crops and fix any problems. The drones are more cost efficient and provide better images than previous methods farmers had to use.

Genome Editing

Imagine being able to take a fertilized egg and modify it to create certain desirable traits or fix certain undesirable traits. Well, we are closer than we’ve ever been before. Recently, scientists in China have been able to successfully affect the fertilized egg of two monkeys. This new method is called CRISPR, and we can use this new technology to aide in the knowledge and prevention of genetic illnesses.

Technology continues to advance society even to this day, and these are just a couple of new inventions to look out for in the near future.