There’s nothing like losing yourself in an interesting story or the feeling of accomplishment in constructing something that you designed, and the innovative ways that technology is available literally at our very fingertips makes it so much easier. The information found online is often more up to date than anything found in a book, which is one of the factors of tech that isn’t always contemplated – the drastic advancement that it does to the way we know learning and studying. The opportunities new technology gives to education is immeasurable, assisting in anything from medicine to midterm tests. Below are just several things we can now do:

Printing in 3D
Firsthand learning has often been said to be one of the best ways to not only learn but remember, and being able to think up and then create your own masterpiece can spark a love and fascination like nothing else. 3D printers open up so many chances for students to use a hands-on tool to learn about designing, engineering, and many more vocations as well as problem solving and making a vision something tangible.

Video games
Although gaming hasn’t always been the most common or preferred method for learning, it recently turned a corner and is slowly gaining more popularity. Many games are now programmed to teach subjects like reading comprehension, history, and much more, which may not only help with keeping kids’ brains focused on their studies for a lot longer but assist in ensuring the information is properly absorbed.

Open courses online
When all you need is a webcam and microphone to take an interactive learning session, classes get more comfortable and less inconvenient for all involved, which tends to allow greater knowledge to be taken in. Many universities have started providing online videos of lessons rather than the student having to always take them in person, and that in turn allows the classrooms to be more productive.

Chromebooks and iPads

People often like to have control over their own lives, and that includes whatever they are studying. When everything has to be done on someone else’s schedule, it isn’t always conducive to a great learning mindset or atmosphere, but with the new on-the-go Chromebooks and iPads, it doesn’t have to stay like that. Now, many schools are allowing work to be done on the student’s time, the teacher being for assistance and advice.