Podcasts have become increasingly popular in the era of Bluetooth and smartphones. The Cloud is making it easier to connect devices than ever before and people are tapping into this technology revolution. Many cars now have Bluetooth and can easily connect to your phone or computer. With this easy access to the internet, you can listen to podcasts from virtually anywhere. You can also find a podcast about nearly any topic and there are hundreds out there related to business. Whether you’re a seasoned podcast listener or only starting out, here are the top podcasts for professionals that are business-minded.


Entrepreneur on Fire


This podcast is incredibly popular in the business community and also as a podcast in general, so you might want to make it the first on your list. Each day, the host, John Lee Dumas, releases a new episode. Dumas addresses personal finance matters and also features some of the leading names in business for interviews and addresses many topics that relate to business.


This is Your Life


Michael Hyatt created this podcast about five years ago and has established himself as an author, mentor, and business expert. Hyatt talks about many different business topics, but dedicates his podcast to “intentional leadership.” He wants to help others work toward their goals, in business and personally, and hopes that his podcast can help listeners reach their own goals in their lives.


BBC Business Daily


The BBC is usually a great source for general news and current events, but this podcast focuses exclusively on business. As its name implies, a new episode is released each day and discusses global business issues and news. Some of it’s a bit more technical, but a lot of the podcast is geared toward helping people understand different events and concepts. The podcast also features a segment where BBC reporters offer updates on business news around the world.




This podcast is hosted by various business leaders, so you’re constantly getting a fresh perspective and information. You also receive a variety of topics, about managing employees, encouraging workplace productivity, and many other useful insights about business and related topics. Dave Ramsey is usually on the podcast and is known for writing incredibly successful books on business and is an expert in the business industry.


The Broad Experience


Many people know Ashley Milne-Tyte, who hosts this podcast. She’s discussed the business world for decades and highlights the various ways men and women behave at work. She focuses on dynamics in business in ways that most people can understand. This podcast also occasionally focuses on the bigger picture and how listeners can align their actions with working toward it.