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one-on-one coaching through the process of buying a new business opportunity or franchise?

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      How can NICK YATES help you as a coach

      The first thing we will do together is identify the concept. If you already have a concept, we will make sure it’s the perfect fit for your skills and personality. I will be by your side to help you through the research phase. This means from the first call with business development, through to the day you sign the contract.

      I will make sure you speak to real references and read real testimonials. I will make sure you do not make any of the simple mistakes made when negotiating contract terms. In doing so, I will also help you find ways to save both money and unnecessary effort. I will make sure you don’t fall in the any of the sales traps.

      I am a relentless negotiator with 25 year of the best kind of experience. Why is my experience deemed so good? Because I have made every mistake possible along the way. My journey to date has been filled with many high and many lows.

      All of these mistakes are lessons learned, they are invaluable. I want to share these lessons with you so that you buy the business of your dreams for the best price, on the best terms.

      Nick Yates has developed from scratch, marketed and sold over 700 franchises, 350 additional business, distribution and licensing opportunities in multiple markets around the globe, securing contract sales in excess of $200,000,000.

      Built the most successful discovery platforms, sales portals, sales manuals and sales guides to educate and sell prospective buyers just like you!

      Taught hundreds of successful franchise and business development sales team members on the art of selling a business opportunity to people like you.

      Wrote numerous business opportunity, disclosure documents and franchise business agreements approved by franchise regulators nationwide.

      Written multiple training, operations and support manuals for his team of small business owners and franchisees (just like you) to rely on.

      Took his first company public on a US stock exchange at the age of 35 at one point having a $10 share price and a $250,000,000 market cap with over 5,000 shareholders.